Britian’s Youngest Mother

The British newspaper, The Sun, reports on the 12-year-old girl who is set to give birthshortly.

11-year-old incubator

Look, I know times have changed since I was eleven, but really….I feel as if I am living on another planet here. Let's just take a couple of these points, one by one, shall we?

"A CHAIN-SMOKING schoolgirl told last night how she fell pregnant during a drunken romp — at the age of just 11."

Okay, well, my parents knew exactly where I was every moment when I was eleven (and for many years after). If it was during the school day, you can bet that the school would have called home if I wasn't in class. If I lit a cigarette in front of my parents while I was a minor, my folks would have snapped my neck.

"The petite youngster found she was expecting after losing her virginity to a teenager during the boozy one-night stand."

Boozy….boozy…boozy! That's kind of a flippant way of putting it, isn't it? We're describing an eleven year old girl being out

at night, without her parents, drinking, having sex, having casual sex, with a teenage boy who was also out, at night, without his parents, probably drinking

Does this frighten anyone but me?

"Lighting her third roll-up cigarette and watched by her proud 34-year-old mum, she confessed: “I didn't think I'd get pregnant because it was my first time."

Does this repulse anyone but me? She's twelve, she's rolling her own, she's pregnant, and her proud mom looks on as her pregnant pre-teen daughter smokes and chats about getting pregnant.

I can tell you that at eleven, I had no concept of sex. I didn't believe in the stork or the pumpkin patch, but I certainly didn't know the graphic details of sex. I didn't have too much interest in boys. I didn't "go out" at night. I didn't drink or smoke. I had parents who were parenting me. They knew where I was, they said where I could go, they established rules of behavior for us. They said no to us. They punished us when they needed to — and none of this time out crap either. At eleven, we were more than likely still getting a paddling. Grounding a kid doesn't have much effect when the kid isn't allowed to much without parental supervision.

The most frightening thing about this story? Not that the child doesn't have any concept of raising a child, but that apparently, neither does her "proud" mother. One wonders what the fate of the other children in this family will be. The fact that these types of stories are becoming less and less rare (and shocking) is beyond frightening.

I wonder if the pendulum hadn't swung so far to the other side of unwed mother scenario this type of situation wouldn't be so common. Times have changed since a woman who was pregnant and unmarried were sent away or confined. Back alley abortions (and their aftermath) are no longer necessary. Children of unwed parents are not considered bastards. That's fine, but I don't know if we need to celebrate unwed births to the extent we do. Sometimes, a little shame is a good thing. I wonder, too, if the giddiness of the media toward unwed celebrity parents doesn't fan this flame. Tom & Katie, Brad & Angelina, etc., the tabloids and main stream media swarm on this and report (with glee) every little development (no pun intended). Lastly, the pop out the baby, hand it to a nanny, go out and party every night and only spend time with the kid for a photo-op crowd (hello? Britney Spears?) is misleading and detrimental. That's not what parenting is about, that's not how "normal" people live. Parents have responsibility to teach their children what's right and what's wrong. They also need to launch counter-measures against the onslaught of glossy celebrity-based stories of glamour of parenthood – both unwed and wedded..

Read the rest of this train wreck here.

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19 responses to “Britian’s Youngest Mother

  1. i think it is descresfull, in this young girl being pregnant just at 12 year old, but we hope she can cope being a mother as we both know it is not easy. hopefully she will have all the support she can get from family and friends. as thats what you need. Well Good Luck in the future with being a parent.

  2. Jineesha

    It’s her mother that revolts me. In a previous article she claimed, ‘I’m proud of my daughter for keeping the baby, she can hold her head up high’; the way she acts, its as though her kid is some kind of green-peace protester, not some rebel eleven year old who has already lost her virginity, chain-smokes, and drinks and is going to give some poor kid out there the worst lifestyle imaginable.

  3. jessica

    your soo dumb dont go around haven sex

  4. smart

    that’s bloody ridiculous. you’re going around banging people like a drum! you’re too young is what i’m saying.

  5. i am 13 years old and i am still a virgin my mother lets me stay out late aty night only because she trusts me and she know that ik wan’t do anything stupid unlike you i am from new york city and i live in yonkers

  6. I don’t blame the girl but 5%. 95% goes to Mom (and dad?).

  7. montecore

    What’s British for “doublewide”?

    Perhaps the 11-year-old child should be found to be unfit as a parent, have her rights terminated, and have the mother placed behind bars for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

    At least in the US (Arkansas excluded), our government takes this shit seriously and prosecutes parents and watches out for the best interests of all children.

    Safe home, permanence, and a loving family are what this kid’s kid needs. An 11-year-old mother, it needs not.

  8. I wonder how the baby turned out. Judging from when the article was written, she’s delvered already.

  9. Phoenix

    There are some cases where I think the “state” needs to step in and tell people (preteens) that they are incapable of keeping their child and order that the child be put up for adoption……. and the 12 year old “mother” needs to go into foster care. Cycles need to be broken.

  10. cthulhu

    i point and laugh at the mom. she fails as mom

  11. Zara

    This is absolutely sickening. It sounds like to me that there nackers or something or atleast rough.
    You know what there all to blame! And i think that was the stupidest thing anyone could ever have said “it was my first time i didnt think i would get pregnant” Course youd get fucking pregnant jesus maybe if she was disiplined and made go to school she would have known as long as you have your period you have a very high chance of becoming pregnant! And she shouldnt be screwing around, drinking or smoking and that’s the parents fault they obviously know what shes like sure look she doesnt even go to school, shes smoking in front of her mother! I know what she needs is to get a kick up the fucking hole! Stupid girl. And what about the father he should know better than to be having sex with 11 year olds! Bet you he thinks hes after making the biggest mistake of his life! Now he’ll be paying child support for the rest of his life.
    Serves them all right! Bloody tinkers.

  12. Liz

    this is just ridiculous
    even if she doesn’t believe in abortion she should still have terminated the baby. it’s being much kinder to the baby and much kinder to her. thanks to her this poor child will have a very depressing life and so will the mum.
    and what the hell is a 15 year old doing having sex with a 11 year old! it’s disgusting and i don’t know how he can live after doing what he did.
    but mainly i blame the parents

  13. steph

    i think that is wrong i got pregnant at 15 and even that is too young at 11 you shouldnt no how to have sex and your pearents are to blame for leting you go out and drinking and getting drunk you stay in and look after you baby and not your mom and dad you shoud suffer

  14. This is very hot info. I think I’ll share it on Digg.

  15. I’m 12 and i don’t go out late or have a boyfriend but its digusting. it honestly is!

  16. lucy

    i am 14 and my sister is 16 and she lost her virginity as a cruel sick joke at the age of 13. she now has a 3 month of child and is a lovely mum so don’t go backstabbin this young girl?!

  17. lucy

    i am 14 and my sister is 16 and she lost her virginity as a cruel sick joke at the age of 13. she now has a 3 month old child and is a lovely mum so don’t go backstabbin this young girl?!

  18. i cant believe it, parents are becoming worse and worse, i am 12, ive never had a boyfriend, im homeschooled, do not drink or smoke, now my mum is a REAL parent that cares, she dosnt even let me go out by myself realy… and this girl, the parents are bad but the girl is also bad, i mean, 11?!? this poor child of hers…

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