Hugo Chavez es un loco


This is Hugo Chavez. He is the president of Venezuela. He is also an idiot.

He says the U.S. is trying to assassinate him. He says the U.S. is going to invade Venezuela. He says the planet’s most serious danger is the government of the United State. He says he is good friends with former President Clinton. Fidel Castro is one of his best friends.

Now he says he may sell U.S. built Jets to Iran.

Perhaps Pat Robertson was on to something… This guy should just draw a bull’s-eye on his forehead and get it over with.

Not that I necessarily agree with that sort of thing.



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3 responses to “Hugo Chavez es un loco

  1. hi there i totally agree with you and some other people this guy HUGO CHAVEZ is dangerous, he is a mad man, with money and oil even worst, he is selling uraniun(venezuela has uranium mines) to Iran, buying guns and planes fron russia, and letting the flow of drugs to the world trough its air and sea ports, i live in Colombia and see this guy as a menace to us, the US and to the world, what i cant still believe is that he has not suffer and accident.. i also dont want anything bad to happen to him but it would be nice if he just dissapeared.

    Now he is rallying the arabs in venezuela to demosntrate against the us, and israel, he is also forcing the jewish community in venezuela to fear for their well being, people that have been in venezuela since the 1500´s . so sad that the us is doing their bussines with an enemy so far away in Iraq when they have a crazy woken Rat in its backyard, remember venezuela is just a couple of hours by plane from miami and an hour from Cuba.


    david from MAICAO, Guajira, Colombia home to the Radical muslims of Colombia

  2. Maria

    I wouldn´t say that Hugo Chavez is a crazy man, but that is looking for a view of the world and he is digging his own hole. He certainly will be destroyed by his own words, because he doesn´t have enought arguments to fight against something he cannot operate. In a short time he will be hated by his people and everyone. He is for terrorists and thieves who act behind the door for a false world. Nobody can be so silly to believe in him.

  3. Henrique Cesar

    Hugo Chaves was seen as an intelligent man, but to the people from Venezuela that they elected him and later the people woke up and finally said no to Chavez. For an ignorance moment and support to terrorist movement ASFARC. In truth he is acting like that just to show to the world he is a powerful man. He want to do a personal war with no real arguments.
    He is a fool!

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