How much can barbed wire cost? Securing the border

I just got finished watching President Bush's speech on immigration reform. My immediate response?


I was looking for the President Bush I saw after 9-11, standing on a mound of rubble, clad in a windbreaker with one arm around a tired, dusty firefighter and a hoisting a bullhorn with the other. That's not what I got.

What I wanted was bold action. A line in the sand that let everyone know that the United States has had enough and we will no longer accept the total disregard of our laws. That's not what I got.

What I wished for was the big bang. You can't come in unless we invite you. You can't stay and we will catch you. We'll drive you to the border. Here's a couple of forms to fill out. Mail 'em to us and we'll get back to you. See ya! That's not what I got.

The Congress is no better.

Most of us "ordinary" people understand that sometimes you cannot do everything you want at the same time. We can't put on a new roof and siding this year. We'll do one this year and one next year. Apparently, politicians do not understand this concept. If they cannot do everything, all at once, they will do nothing.


I "donate" a lot of money to federal, state and local government. Most of it is being used for purposes that I do not approve. I can't do much about that. Apparently, none of that money is being used to hire analysts or 'thinkers'. Dear Members of Congress (House and Senate), please read this article from the Heritage Foundation on just what some of the immigration plans would accomplish.

How many people would the Senate’s immigration plan allow into the U.S.? Until now, the focus has been on the 10 million illegals to whom the bill would give amnesty.

Robert Rector adds up all the provisions. He finds the Senate plan would admit 103 million–or one-third the current U.S. population—over the next 20 years.

“There is no precedent for that level of immigration at any time in U.S. history,” observes Rector.

Read Senate Immigration Bill Would Allow 100 Million New Immigrants over the Next 20 Years by Robert Rector

The low-skill immigrants who would take advantage of the Senate plan are likely to be a fiscal burden on society.

In this paper, Rector projects increased government spending of $46 billion per year or more. The Senate immigration plan "would be the largest expansion of the welfare state in 35 years," concludes Rector.

I was infuriated watching the "immigration rallies" that took place a few weeks ago. The arrogance and disregard shown made my head throb. My feeling has always been that if you give someone something for free, it has no value for them. We saw that during the rallies. The illegal aliens paid no price to be here. They defiantly crossed the border, knowing full well it was illegal. They began their lives in American by breaking the law. Local, state and federal officials have known for decades it was happening. They knew the cost – the stress on local services – police, schools, healthcare, the impact on the community, the increased taxes required to accommodate the influx.

If we allow illegal immigrants what is, essentially, a free pass I have only one question. What laws am I allowed to violate? If people can commit an illegal act by crossing the border, if they are not held to the account for their actions, why should law-abiding citizens be held to a different standard?


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