Iranian women pushed back behind the veil

Perhaps this is what the Iran people need to get them off the dime and push harder for change. The election of a man who wants to hasten the coming of the last prophet, Mahdi, and set on the path to the end of the world has been bad news from the beginning. Why the Iranian people thought this fanatical behavior would only be directed at external entities, is beyond me.

By the way, let’s all remember this photo of Ahmadinejad taken as he explained his concept of a world without Zionism (see recap here).

Iran cracks down on women’s dress

TEHRAN, Aug. 29 (UPI) — Police in Tehran have been ordering Iranian women to cover up, stopping those they perceive as “badly veiled.”

The crackdown followed the 2005 election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

“We are certainly seeing a return to behavior we haven’t seen for 10 years,” Hadi Ghaemi of Human Rights Watch told The Telegraph. “Generally, the imposition of strict Islamic codes has been increasing under Ahmadinejad.”

Ghaemi said that the penalty for violating a code that requires the complete covering of women’s heads and bodies in public depends on the officers involved and the women’s political connections.

“The person could end up in jail depending on their relationship with the authorities,” he said. “Generally, the imposition of strict Islamic codes has been increasing under Ahmadinejad.”

Just as women in recent years had pushed the boundaries by wearing head scarves that revealed more than they hid, many Iranians had flouted the law banning them from owning satellite dishes, the report said. The government has been cracking down on them as well.

If the peace-at-any-price international enablers don’t wake up and realize that these people are not kidding when they say they want to destroy us, then we really are doomed. Those of us who are taking this seriously are largely ignored…by the peaceniks and our politicians.


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