Truth in advertising, but no truth in politics

I’ve been following the election news recently (how can you avoid it?) and have come to the conclusion that all politicians (and their minions) are lying, egotistical idiots.  I’ve further come to the conclusion that all news organizations (TV, radio, and print) and lying, egotistical entities.

Unless the average citizen has the time and the means to research every statement uttered by the politician and news agency, there really is no way to know what is true. 

The Federal Trade Commission has a "truth in advertising" rule.  There must be a way for voters to demand that politicians and news agencies follow that standard.

If a politician cannot win based on the truth about himself and his opponent, then perhaps they do not deserve to win. 

News organizations are supposed to report the facts of any given subject.  Opinion is supposed to be confined the the Opinion/Editorial section and should be clearly declared as such.

The disgust that far too many of us have at the political process is that we are not being presented with the truth — by anyone.  The candidates lie about their opponents, they lie about their positions on issues and their intentions, and the news orgs misrepresent the facts to further their particular agenda.

The American people deserve better. 

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