The chill wind

So the Democrat party has prevailed and has a majority of the House and probably the Senate as well.

I don’t mind telling you that 1) I’m disappointed at the poor showing of Republicans, 2) I’m disappointed at the number of voters were too easily seduced into assigning importance to unimportant things and 3) I’m hoping that the Republicans got the message last night that their constituency expects them to carry through on their espoused values and philosophy – they did not do that, and they got turned out because of it.

As far as the Democrat controlled Congress, I will wait and see what happens. My feeling is their “tax the rich” rhetoric that they always use to gain votes will quickly turn into raise taxes on everyone but those already on government subsidies. The “rich” designation of over $250,000 will be scaled down and suddenly the concern voiced by teh Dems for the middle class will be gone, and the rabid appetite for tax dollars (read redistribution of wealth) will begin.

I do believe that while the Democrats talk about ‘spending out of control’ and deficits, they would be wise not to continue to spend taxpayer dollars on endless and expensive “investigations” to embarrass or weaken the Administration and/or Republicans.

We’ll see what happens. My feeling is it will be same ol’, same ol’.


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