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This is what they do

Apparently, Venezuelan nutbag President Hugo Chavez has determined not to renew the license for a television station that criticizes him.

Those who cackled when he called President Bush the devil during his U.N. address in September, and prohibiting foreign oil investors (while ‘reclaiming’ the facilities built on the investors dime) may want to keep this latest hissy-fit in mind.

This is what they do.  This man is not only crazy, but he’s drunk on his own power.  He feels more emboldened with every laugh, giggle and snicker of U.N. representatives.  He feels more righteous every time some state like Massachussets takes his ‘low cost’ oil.

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Saddam – he’s in the Iraqi’s hands now….

According to Reuters, Saddam has been transferred to Iraqi custody and may be hanged within hours.

My prayers are not for Saddam (although I think he could probably use all the help he can get), but for our soldiers and all the Iraqis who may experience violent blowback from the extremists.  Makes you wonder if it wouldn’t have been better to take him out when the found him in the ‘spider hole’.

DUBAI (Reuters) – U.S. officials have transferred former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to Iraqi custody, the chief defense lawyer told Reuters on Friday in an indication that Saddam’s execution may be imminent.

“The American side has notified us that they have handed over the president to the Iraqi authorities,” said Khalil al-Dulaimi, head of Saddam’s defense team.

“They told us the president is no longer under the authority of the American forces and they requested us not to go to Baghdad,” he said.

An appeals court on Tuesday upheld Saddam’s November 5 death sentence for crimes against humanity for the killings, torture and other crimes against the Shi’ite population of the town of Dujail.


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Although legally in Iraqi custody, U.S. troops had hitherto physically kept guard over Saddam. Although Iraqis will carry out the execution, U.S. and Iraqi officials say, it is likely U.S. forces will stay on hand throughout for fear that opponents of the former leader could turn it into a public spectacle.

Senior Iraqi officials have dismissed mounting speculation, including from Washington, that they could hang Saddam within hours and said some in the cabinet were pushing for it to be put off for a month or more.

But a defense lawyer said he thought Saddam might well die on Saturday after lawyers were told to collect his belongings.

Shi’ite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who has demanded the ousted president to be put to death this year for killing and oppressing Shi’ites, said there would be “no review or delay” in the sentence after this week’s failure of Saddam’s appeal.

With some of Saddam’s fellow Sunnis angry at what they see as a political act of vengeance by the U.S.-sponsored court and many Kurds keen to see him first convicted of genocide against them, the timing of Saddam’s walk to the gallows is an explosive issue for a country on the brink of sectarian civil war.

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Winter Soldier?

This image is making the rounds on the blogosphere today.  And rightly so.

Powerline and Hottalk have the story and quotes from a soldier in Iraq.

Here’s the accompanying photo.

Perhaps the “blame American first”, “we can’t win”, “pull out the troops” crowd will understand the plain message of this photo, even though there is no “nuance” involved.

God Bless the troops and their families.

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The March to Mecca

Really, you’ve got to read Greg Gutfield’s post at the HuffPo today.

It’s here.

I’m not a joiner, but he makes the March to Mecca sound like so much darn fun, I’m going to check my frequent flyer miles.

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You, Robot…can I call you Robbie?

I have so many thoughts about this, I don’t even know how to express them coherently.  I’d ask my robot to do it, but he charges by the word.

UK report says robots will have rights

Favorite quotes?  Oh, yeah….

“If we make conscious robots they would want to have rights and they probably should,”

“Would it be acceptable to kick a robotic dog even though we shouldn’t kick a normal one?”

“If granted full rights, states will be obligated to provide full social
benefits to them including income support, housing and possibly
robo-healthcare to fix the machines over time,”

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Putin – starting to tighten the screws?

Putin signals end to overseas ownership of Russian energy

It would seem to be prudent to seriously consider these seizures, first by Venezuela last spring and now by Russia.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, and a well-documented nut-job, has made no secret of his disdain for the U.S.and his wish to see us brought to our knees.  Russia’s Vladiir Putin, who it now seems could be planning to return Russia to its’ U.S.S.R. “socialist” position and may well be involved in  killing a reporter and former spy who criticized him, is aligning himself with our enemies of late.

With the some Middle Eastern countries anti-American, some Latin American countries jumping on that bandwagon and now Russia joining in, it’s entirely possible that the U.S. could find itself without oil or with the cost of oil at a rate that could collapse the economy.

I’m sure the anti-war, pro-green, blame America first crowd would be satisfied with that, until they didn’t get their tofu delivery.

The pawns are being moved on the chessboard.  Do the American people really have to wait until they hear Check (or worse, Checkmate) to see what’s happening and prepare for it?

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Ousted imams want airline settlement

This just infuriates me. These guys were either:

1) Doing a dry run in preparation for a terrorist attack. Scouting current levels of response from airlines, U.S. Marshalls and the American flying public.

2) Doing something they thought was funny.

3) Trying to frighten the crap out of the people on that plane and then, via the media, U.S. citizens.

4) Looking for a quick pay day.

U.S. Airways should not pay this men one dime. I believe that, given the flagrant nature of these men’s actions, they should reimburse the airline and police for any expense incurred.

This stuff needs to stop. If we refuse to bring the hammer down fearing charges of political incorrectness/racism, it will never end.

Ousted imams want airline settlement

WASHINGTON, Dec. 11 (UPI) — Five of six Muslim
imams who were taken off a US Airways flight in Minneapolis last month
want an out-of-court settlement from the airline for the ordeal.

After the Nov. 28 incident, the airline offered to meet with the
group of clerics Dec. 4, but the men declined and instead sought legal help from the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Washington.

“With the hopes of reaching an amicable resolution to this matter,
we would like to take this opportunity to ask for a formal meeting with
US Airways executives and legal counsel,” Arsalan Iftikhar, CAIR’s
national legal director, wrote to the airline.

There are conflicting reports of what happened after security
agents escorted the men off the plane based on other passengers’
complaints of suspicious activity, the Washington Times said Monday.

CAIR claims the men were handcuffed for several hours, but one of
the imams told the Times he was only handcuffed for “10 or 15 minutes”
and that the imams were not led off the plane in handcuffs.

An airline spokeswoman said the meeting request was received, but a date has not been set.

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