Irrational Hysteria – brought to you by the fourth estate

I doubt this will get much coverage, which is really sad.  I wonder if the bigger question is why the media and their minions persist in doing this.  The statement below that the coverage of global warming has created a bias that has become an “irrational
hysteria” is right. 

If it’s been proven or even suggested that climate change are or could be cyclical, why is there no big media coverage of that theory?  What is the end game the media hopes to accomplish by reporting one point of view that has been challenged by historical data?

Media Shows Irrational Hysteria on Global Warming

“The Public Has Been Vastly Misinformed,” NCPA’s Deming
Tells Senate Committee

12/6/2006 5:57:00 PM

To: National Desk

Contact: Sean Tuffnell of the National Center for Policy Analysis,
972-308-6481 or

WASHINGTON, Dec. 6 /U.S. Newswire/ — David Deming, an associate professor at
the University of Oklahoma and an adjunct scholar with the National Center for
Policy Analysis (NCPA), testified this morning at a special hearing of the
Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. The hearing examined climate
change and the media. Bellow are excerpts from his prepared remarks.

“In 1995, I published a short paper in the academic journal Science. In that
study, I reviewed how borehole temperature data recorded a warming of about one
degree Celsius in North America over the last 100 to 150 years. The week the
article appeared, I was contacted by a reporter for National Public Radio. He
offered to interview me, but only if I would state that the warming was due to
human activity. When I refused to do so, he hung up on me.

“I had another interesting experience around the time my paper in Science was
published. I received an astonishing email from a major researcher in the area
of climate change. He said, “We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period.”
“The Medieval Warm Period (MWP) was a time of unusually warm weather that began
around 1000 AD and persisted until a cold period known as the “Little Ice Age”
took hold in the 14th century. … The existence of the MWP had been recognized
in the scientific literature for decades. But now it was a major embarrassment
to those maintaining that the 20th century warming was truly anomalous. It had
to be “gotten rid of.”

“In 1999, Michael Mann and his colleagues published a reconstruction of past
temperature in which the MWP simply vanished. This unique estimate became known
as the “hockey stick,” because of the shape of the temperature graph. “Normally
in science, when you have a novel result that appears to overturn previous work,
you have to demonstrate why the earlier work was wrong. But the work of Mann and
his colleagues was initially accepted uncritically, even though it contradicted
the results of more than 100 previous studies. Other researchers have since
reaffirmed that the Medieval Warm Period was both warm and global in its

“There is an overwhelming bias today in the media regarding the issue of
global warming. In the past two years, this bias has bloomed into an irrational
hysteria. Every natural disaster that occurs is now linked with global warming,
no matter how tenuous or impossible the connection. As a result, the public has
become vastly misinformed.”

The NCPA is an internationally known nonprofit, nonpartisan research
institute with offices in Dallas and Washington, D. C. that advocates private
solutions to public policy problems. NCPA depends on the contributions of
individuals, corporations and foundations that share our mission. The NCPA
accepts no government grants.

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