New blog has been born

Apparently, Tom DeLay has birthed his new blog named, appropriately,

I was kind of excited when Newt Gingrich started his “Winning the Future” website, however, you must be a ‘premium’ member (at $5.95/month!) to access the blog.

Hopefully, DeLay will make good on his promise to “provide Americans with a new meeting place where such opinions and viewpoints might be better shared, discussed, and debated; a place where conservative Americans might really speak truth to power and to one another.”

Given that DeLay says he “did not fully realize the impact or potential of the blogosphere until very recently”, I hope he has come to realize that he needs to be consistent in his blogging to really make a difference. If his goal is to shape (and expand) the conservative voter, he must keep his site current and interactive. It seems to me that Michelle Malkin should be his source for ideal blogging. I think it’s also important to be more involved in the discussion that simply post and then let the readers talk. He really needs to comment on feedback to ensure that his readers know he is, indeed, following the debate.

Welcome Mr. Delay!


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