Putin – starting to tighten the screws?

Putin signals end to overseas ownership of Russian energy

It would seem to be prudent to seriously consider these seizures, first by Venezuela last spring and now by Russia.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, and a well-documented nut-job, has made no secret of his disdain for the U.S.and his wish to see us brought to our knees.  Russia’s Vladiir Putin, who it now seems could be planning to return Russia to its’ U.S.S.R. “socialist” position and may well be involved in  killing a reporter and former spy who criticized him, is aligning himself with our enemies of late.

With the some Middle Eastern countries anti-American, some Latin American countries jumping on that bandwagon and now Russia joining in, it’s entirely possible that the U.S. could find itself without oil or with the cost of oil at a rate that could collapse the economy.

I’m sure the anti-war, pro-green, blame America first crowd would be satisfied with that, until they didn’t get their tofu delivery.

The pawns are being moved on the chessboard.  Do the American people really have to wait until they hear Check (or worse, Checkmate) to see what’s happening and prepare for it?

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