This is what they do

Apparently, Venezuelan nutbag President Hugo Chavez has determined not to renew the license for a television station that criticizes him.

Those who cackled when he called President Bush the devil during his U.N. address in September, and prohibiting foreign oil investors (while ‘reclaiming’ the facilities built on the investors dime) may want to keep this latest hissy-fit in mind.

This is what they do.  This man is not only crazy, but he’s drunk on his own power.  He feels more emboldened with every laugh, giggle and snicker of U.N. representatives.  He feels more righteous every time some state like Massachussets takes his ‘low cost’ oil.

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One response to “This is what they do

  1. Amy

    take away one crazy dictator (Sadam) and two more pop up in his place. ( Hugo & Kim)

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