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Kim Jong…Ill?

Should I feel badly that Kim Jong Il is…ill?  (bad play on words – I know).  He’s reportedly suffered a stroke.

According to the news report,

According to The Times, talk in Asia is turning to the odd cast of characters who may succeed him.

The inner workings of the Kim dynasty suggest that wives, concubines, blood brothers and old comrades are rising and falling with increasing regularity and drama.

One son is a confirmed gambler, another is rumored to be effeminate and practically nothing is known about the third.

Hey!  That sounds like a party!!

I’m trying to summon some compassion, but it just isn’t coming.

Maybe tomorrow.


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I, American – Part 1

I’ve have taken quite a bit of time away from this blog because, frankly, it wasn’t a whole lot of fun.   Here are some reasons why:

  • The topics I was covering were run-of-the-mill, but they still got folks riled up enough to send some pretty nasty emails.
  • Last February, we were getting into the heavy political season February.  That process is always predictable and never represents the best about our democracy.
  • The area I live in has become so politically frustrating (practically  suicidal) that I would rather hit myself in the head with a mallet than write about it.

Then a few things happened.  First, Sarah Palin and then reaction to Sarah Palin by the main stream media and the far left blogs.  Then the reaction of feminists and Hollywood types to Palin as well as McCain.  Finally, the seven year anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

Palin:  From what I know of her, I like her.  She reminds me of several phenomenal women I have known.   She also seems to represent the truest form of feminism.   A woman who decides for herself what path is right for her.  Even at the beginning of the ‘women’s movement’ the focus quickly shifted to silly symbolism (like bra burning) and annoying emotional rhetoric that only served to alienate people.  The women’s movement, at it’s core, suggested that women were equal to men; deserved to same rights and considerations as men (equal pay for equal work was a cornerstone).  Somewhere along the line, as often happens, the angry outspoken loons suffocated the voices of reason. 

Now we see these same angry women and their philosophical spawn doing to Sarah Palin what they were so hell-bent on changing decades ago.  The marginalization of a woman.  Sarah Palin can’t be an effective Vice President because she has children — interestingly, this is an argument that the ‘feminists’ railed against since the 60s.  She’s not experienced enough — although she’s had a whole host of life experiences: sports, journalist, wife nd mother, served as mayor and a governor.  She’s also done this on her own.  Unlikely Hillary Clinton, who has achieved a great deal of her ‘success’ to being married to a powerful man, Governor Palin’s husband has not blazed a trail in government so that his wife might tag along.  Oh, and what about Todd Palin?  What has he done?  Supported his wife in her goals rather than dictate what she could and could not do?  Check  Shared responsibility for child-rearing rather than insist that was women’s work?  Check.   Be proud of her success rather than resenting it?  Check.  Live a full, interesting life of his own instead of being some sort of hen-pecked wuss?  Ah, yeah, check that.

These are exactly the qualities the women’s movement said they were striving for….so what happened?  First, Governor Palin is a conservative.  That automatically riles the liberal feminists into a frenzy.  Secondly, she’s pro-life.  She so pro-life, she decided to give birth to a Down Syndrome baby…and care for him..and love him…and treasure him.  

How can this be?  The liberal feminists are perplexed and, since it is a totally different view than they hold, incensed.  A woman who defies their agenda.  A non-conformist.  Someone who won’t walk in lock-step with them.

And aren’t those the ideals they set out striving for in the beginning?  The freedom to set your own course?  To decide what works for you?  To not have to kowtow to anyone?

And what has been their reaction?  Not to respectfully disagree.  Not to logically debate.   Their goal became simply this:  To destroy this women.  To attack her, her children, her religion.   To question her ability to do…anything.  It’s sad and pathetic and disgusting.  The ‘feminists’ should be ashamed for caring more about ‘winning’ than their original intent — equal treatment of women. 

Next time – the main stream media and blogs.

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