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Power and position and pocketbook – why we don’t trust our leadership

It’s been pretty well reported for years that as low as President Bush’s approval numbers are, Congress’ number was significantly lower.

So, after years (no, decades) of power-grabbing, lying, greed, etc., etc. why is Congress and the Executive branch surprised that the American people do not trust them?  Why would the people simply nod their heads in agreement when they have been lied to for so many years simply because their politicians wanted more position, power or money?  These are seeds they have sown.  Everything is always a crisis, every tax is always essential, everything is always the Republicans vs. the Democrats.  But that doesn’t stop them from spending more money on ‘pet projects’ – taking more than what’s essential to bolster their power and position and pocketbook.

And even in this situation, they continue to focus on positioning themselves and not the American people.

Speak clearly and honestly to the people.  Stop trying to ‘get yours’.  Maybe then we’ll listen and trust you to do what’s best.

Until you can do that, don’t expect different results.


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