AIG: Bailout $ not enough for them to buy a clue

I don’t know how many of you saw the nice comment I got from AIG BlogResponse to my last post about AIG.  I can’t confirm it was from AIG, but an email I sent to the email address, did not bounce back and it sounded like something a PR department would say….

That’s all good, but:

State investigators launched a fraud probe into AIG on Wednesday following revelations that top execs spent $86,000 on a partridge hunt after the feds gave the company billions to stay afloat.


The Daily News reported today that four top AIG executives and their guests spent a fortune blasting birds out of the sky just last week, while Wall Street was seizing up and the 401(k) accounts of millions of Americans shriveled.

Three New Yorkers were on the trip to Plumber Manor, a 17th century country house in scenic Dorset, southwest of London.

They were identified as Jeffrey Malkovsky, a senior director at AIG’s Manhattan office, Hilary James, the general manager of the luxurious Bristol Plaza Hotel, and her pal, AIG adviser John Roberts.

The News of the World, the London-based newspaper that broke the story, reported that the shooting party was more interested in bagging birds than the unfolding financial crisis.

In just four days, the hunters racked up a $17,500 bill for food and rooms, spent another $17,500 on private jets, $8,000 on limos.

The cost to taxpayers for AIG executives to traipse through the countryside in tweed knickers four times was $43,000.

This is disgusting.  The money that the American taxpayer has given for the AIG bailout should not be available unless there is a full accounting before distribution and a full audit afterward.

As I said here: If you have AIG, call them, drop them, picket them.  Let them know that this is unacceptable.  Let your lawmakers know that this is unacceptable.  Voice your opinion.  It may not change things now, but you will have put these people ON NOTICE that you are watching and will make decisions later (at the ballot box) based on what you see.

Full story here


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