The definition of insanity

Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

The American people give Congress a approval rating of 15%, but keep electing the same people over and over again.  We despise Congress, but feel our own representatives are okay.  Please, people, none of them are okay.  They all need to go.  Time for we, the people, to make a clear statement.

Here’s an example:  John (Jack) Murtha (D-PA) has been elected 17 times by the folks in Pennsylvania’s 12th district, which is located in the southwestern part of the state.

U.S. Representative John Murtha is the same guy who said that Marines killed civilians in Haditha, Iraq in cold-blood.  Mr. Murtha publically made this announce before any investigation was completed.  Seven of the eight Marines charged have been exonerated, with the charged being dropped or acquitted of all charges, the last Marine faces charges of negligent homicide.

Murtha has now made the following statement about his constituents….you know, the people who elected him:n

There’s no question Western Pennsylvania is a racist area,” said Mr. Murtha, whose district stretches from Johnstown to Washington County. “The older population is more hesitant.”

Time for Murtha to go.  It’s clear he doesn’t respect the people he works for, so how can he represent them?

Full story here.

Timeline of the Haditha debacle is here.


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