63 million little dictators

I awakened this morning not surprised, but bitterly disappointed.

Sixty three million Americans elected a man who is unqualified for the job of President of the United States.  A man who evaded, hedged, and lied throughout the process.  A man who befriended racist clergy, domestic terrorists, crooks and former spokesman for an international terrorist group.  A man who made promises to accept public financing and then reneged.  A man who placed the race card in order to imply that those who did not agree with him must be racist. 

The majority of the American media betrayed the people who they serve by not examining Senator Obama’s past and present as well as his views and proposals and presenting them to the American people.  The American media betrayed the people who they serve by putting a microscope on issues that just did not matter and attempting to destroy those with whom they disagree.  And the American media violated their trust with the American people by serving their own interests – there was little objectivity in evidence during this election cycle.  Instead, the American press chose their candidate and skewed the coverage to lift him up.

Sixty three million people voted for Mr. Obama.  I believe they voted for one of three reasons:

1. Change for change’s sake:  Ah, the fluffy, feel-good Change motto.   Those interested solely in hearing the “change” word may not have understood the change they will be getting under Mr. Obama

2. The Robin Hood syndrome:  Those who haven’t contributed to the country (or who don’t really want to) fell in love with the ‘spread the wealth around’ spiel.  The ‘want something for nothing’ crowd.  The problem will be that at some point, we will have a country filled with non-producers – just living off the government or the non-contributors will have to start contributing.   I have been a contributor all my adult life, but Mr. Obama’s policies seem designed to put me in the non-contributor class.  Taxed into submission or ruining the economy to the point where I will be unable to contribute.  Once you’re suckling big government’s teat, they will do whatever they can to ensure to stay there.

3. It’s time for  black President:  He’s black, ya know.  Mr. Obama is black.  There was a segment of the electorate that voted for Mr. Obama because he is black.  That was the only qualification required for their vote.  Apparently, it did not matter what his policies, politics, or plans were…he was black, they wanted a black president and that was enough.

Sixty three million people turned their back on the Constitution yesterday.  The Constitution provides the limits of government.  The United States of America was founded by people who did not want to be subjects.  They did not want Government interference in their lives.

Yesterday, sixty three million people repealed the Constitution of the United States.   They agreed to big Government and more interference in their lives.  They agreed to less control over their own destiny.  They also placed that burden on those who do not agree with it.

I disagree with it.  I disagree with being asked to carry the load for, not just myself, but others.  I disagree with Government requiring me to turn over my authority over my life to them.  I disagree that change for change’s sake is always good.  I disagree with the course the Democrat controlled government is determined to take – implementing more programs which will be with us in perpetuity regardless of whether they succeed or fail, are relevant or not.  Limiting freedom of choice and free speech.  Putting American’s at risk for the sake of a Utopia that does not exist.  Playing around with the fuzzy logic of socialism.  Turning their back on democracy and the principals this country was founded on.

Today, we are prisoners of our Government far more than we where yesterday but far less than we will be in January.


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  1. Donny

    Have you seen a picture of Bush now next to a George W. from 10 years ago?

    Ruining a country can really age a man– badly.

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