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Paying off your debt

At my current rate of pay, I would have to turn over my entire paycheck (gross, not net) to the federal government and work for more than 1,500 years to pay off the stimulus spending bill that is about to be voted on.

This bill is wrong and obscene.

The Representatives and Senators who vote for this bill will be noted.  The results of this bill will be noted – not just the lack of ‘stimulus’ it provides, but the wasteful programs it installs, the personal liberties it removes and the waste it produces.

This shouldn’t be about partisan politics, but, it is.  It should be about doing what is best for the country – present and future.

Any member voting yes on this bill, Democrat, Republican, Independent or other, should be voted out of office at the first opportunity, regardless of their contribution to their community.

This is shameful and selfish.



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