What To Do Now

There is no doubt that the anger and frustration we are feeling about current events have us wanting to do something.

But what to do?

With so many of us fuming and understanding that we are not being listened to or considered by our elected representatives, we feel we need some big action to relieve the pressure. I say, PLEASE DON’T. All that will happen is 1. You, and like-minded folks will be called crazy and dismissed and 2. You run the risk of becoming that which you despise; citizens with no respect for the law.

Hate the lawmaker, not the rule of law.
Elect lawmakers who understand they are public servants.

That is the longer term solution here.

But, you say, how do I know they aren’t lying or won’t become drunk with power? You don’t. All we can do I’d let them know we will watch them and hold them accountable. And then to that. Vote them out when they stop representing you.

Go to Govtrack.us. Track legislation you are interested in or find out what you representatives are doing. Get alerts when something changes. Get with a group of like-minded friends. Let them watch a set of issues while you watch a different set. Don’t fall for the head-fake. Be vigilant. Watch everything and be prepared to act.


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