Some old fashioned common sense – Wake Up America!

That Thomas Paine, he still speaks common sense.

Please view this video – it’s excellent!  Then send your tea bags.  I will be addressing my envelopes tomorrow.

It’s our country, take it back now!

We the People stimulus package

  • All laws that apply to us should apply equally to congress.
  • No more allowing them to vote themselves raises.
  • Balance the federal budget – we have to live within our means, so must they.
  • Make them pay into the social security.
  • Term limits! The President is limited to two terms, so too should Congress be.
  • Get your own 401 K plan.  No more lifetime benefits for part time service
  • Pay your own insurance premium.  Maybe you’ll be more interested in how things really work.
  • Throw them all!  Vote out any member of Congress who did not read the spending bill before voting for it.
  • With the saving from the above actions, take the money away from the corrupt and give it to the real defenders of our freedom – the armed forces, they never fail you
  • Start no war unless you intend to win it.
  • Make English the official language of the country
  • Stop rewarding lawbreakers!  No money for illegal aliens.
  • Let the people elect the president – not special interests, PACS, media…
  • Bring back Universal Service.

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