To My Representatives Re: Cap and Trade

Here is a copy of the email I sent to my representatives yesterday via Visible Vote:


My name is {insert name}. You are my elected representative.  As you know, Ohio has some the of the highest corporate, income and personal taxes as well as unemployment and utilities rates in the nation. 

The cost of living continues to increase, however my salary cannot keep up the pace. 

Yet Congress continues to spend.  It spends my money under the assumption that I am working for YOU. 

We’ve been forced to alter our lifestyle but Congress refuses to alter their spending. 

I cannot afford to continue to subsidize those who will not pull their own weight and I cannot afford to finance every Congressional whim. 

ENOUGH.  Vote NO on cap and trade.  Do not lay another spending bill at my door.  Keep your hands out of my pocket. Stop enslaving this country. We cannot afford this out-of-control government you are forcing down our throats.


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