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Cap and Trade: Stand Up Today; Take Back Your Government – Make A Call

As you may have noticed, I’ve been twittering quite a bit about the Waxman Markey (Cap and Trade) bill.

Please contact your representative and tell them to vote no on this massive taxing/spending bill.

Rep. Robert Latta had a great video on this bill and it’s impact:

The Heritage Foundation has analysis.  Among the ramifications:

1.    Reduce aggregate gross domestic product (GDP) by $9.6 trillion
2.    Destroy an average of 1-3 million jobs, every year
3.    Raise electricity rates 90 percent after adjusting for inflation
4.    Raise inflation-adjusted gasoline prices by 74 percent
5.    Raise residential natural gas prices by 55 percent
6.    Raise an average family’s annual energy bill by $1,500 annually
7.    Increase the federal debt by 26 percent, which is $29,150 per person

Newt Gingrich provides a forum for finding your representative, their contact information and recording how many of us call, here. Or call the main switchboard at (202)224-3121.  Vote expected today as you are finishing up a weeks’ work and looking forward to the weekend.  Don’t let them slip this through when you aren’t looking.

Call and tell your representative they work for YOU, tell them YOU want them to vote NO and YOU will actively organize to ensure they do not get re-elected if they do not represent YOUR wishes.  This is YOUR country, take it back, take back YOUR government.

Now go, get busy.


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Freedom of Speech: Now Playing in Tehran, but Not Toledo

I’ve been following the Iranian protests these last days – like a lot of people.  I’ve been on Twitter (too much) retweeting credible information in a small effort to help.

But it’s made me wonder: what are these courageous people really doing?  Standing up and demanding to have their voices heard.  Standing up and demanding that their leaders be fair to all.  Standing up and demand that the truth be told.

All reasonable and justified goals, in my mind.

And Americans and the world by and large are supporting their demands and echoing the sentiment.

And yet, when hundreds of thousands of people have gotten together at Tea Parties here to say the same thing, what happened?  They are mocked, ridiculed, dismissed and marginalized. That whole ‘tea bagger’ thing is vile and illustrates my point.  Did the media and progressives belittle women’s suffrage, equal rights movements, pro-choice, anti-war, Darfur, pro-gay, anti-God, save the freakin’ trees, bees, whales & seals?  Is it only those people or issues they agree with that are supported and those they abhor that are held up to disdain?  If you love free speech, shouldn’t you support my right to express mine?

Could it be that half a world away, tyranny comes into focus more clearly than it does in Austin or Billings or Cincinnati or Buffalo? Could it be that simply because a party is in power doesn’t mean that the opposition shouldn’t have a voice in Tehran, but it’s perfectly alright if the Democrats ignore the 47% of the country who did not vote for President Obama.  They claim a mandate based on less than six percentage points and respond “we won, you lost” when challenged on their agenda.

Official election results claim Ahmadinejad won the election.  Whether that’s true or not, if he is returned to power, does that mean that his political party should be able to do whatever they wish whenever they wish to whomever they wish?  Does a presidential win mean that stoning women in the street is fine because those in power wish it?  Does it justify keeping people in poverty to pursue personal goals (like nuclear weapons)?  Does it mean that those who aren’t with you deserve no consideration? 

I do not agree with  President Obama’s agenda.  That’s why I didn’t vote for him.  Just because he won the White House should not mean that my voice should be silenced. Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid do not have the right to quash honest debate and the exchange of ideas in the House and Senate.  This is what a representative government is supposed to provide.  The party in power should not ramrod legislation through without a full and honest discussion of the facts of the matter – cost, ramifications,  pros/cons.   According to Dante’s description, I reckon most politicians can already comfortably fit into several of the circles of hell – yet they just can’t stop compounding their sins – this makes them gluttonous, Circle 3 and there you go.  Problem is, they use the American people and our futures to accomplish their goals in this little game.  It is about power and how much you can grab.

The protesters in Iran want their voices heard.  It’s a sad day in American when I have a better chance at being supported in Tehran than in Toledo.

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Words have meanings – Socialist does not mean black, but doofus still means doofus


As further evidence that the left wants to control your life and shape the direction of humanity – whether you agree or disagree; whether it goes against your values or not; whether it goes against the Constitution or not – it is now apparently inappropriate to call a thing what it is.  Wrap it instead in the cloth of prejudice to inflame your minions.  No dissent permitted…this is our future under the left.

Webster defines socialist:

Main Entry:






1: one who advocates or practices socialism2capitalized : a member of a party or political group advocating socialism

— socialist adjective often capitalized

— so·cial·is·tic   adjective

— so·cial·is·ti·cal·ly   adverb

Webster defines socialism:

Main Entry:






1: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods2 a: a system of society or group living in which there is no private property b: a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state3: a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

Source document here.

Shame on McCain and Palin for using an old code word for black

By Lewis Diuguid, Kansas City Star Editorial Page columnist

The “socialist” label that Sen. John McCain and his GOP presidential running mate Sarah Palin are trying to attach to Sen. Barack Obama actually has long and very ugly historical roots.

J. Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI from 1924 to 1972, used the term liberally to describe African Americans who spent their lives fighting for equality.

Those freedom fighters included the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., who led the Civil Rights Movement; W.E.B. Du Bois, who in 1909 helped found the NAACP which is still the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization; Paul Robeson, a famous singer, actor and political activist who in the 1930s became involved in national and international movements for better labor relations, peace and racial justice; and A. Philip Randolph, who founded and was the longtime head of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters and a leading advocate for civil rights for African Americans.

McCain and Palin have simply reached back in history to use an old code word for black. It set whites apart from those deemed unAmerican and those who could not be trusted during the communism scare.

Shame on McCain and Palin

Lewis Diuguid – Doofus!

Main Entry:




Inflected Form(s):

plural doo·fus·es Etymology:
perhaps alteration of 1goof



slang : a stupid, incompetent, or foolish person

Yep, Doofus.


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Doomsday scenario – a peek inside your future


The Wall Street Journal has a pretty somber story here focusing on what happens if the current batch of liberal Democrats in the Congress can set the agenda, unchallenged, within an Obama presidency.  It’s worth reading in full – highlights below:

If the current polls hold, Barack Obama will win the White House on November 4 and Democrats will consolidate their Congressional majorities, probably with a filibuster-proof Senate or ver

y close to it. Without the ability to filibuster, the Senate would become like the House, able to pass whatever the majority wants.

Though we doubt most Americans realize it, this would be one of the most profound political and ideological shifts in U.S. history. Liberals would dominate the entire government in a way they haven’t since 1965, or 1933. In other words, the election would mark the restoration of the activist government that fell out of public favor in the 1970s. If the U.S. really is entering a period of unchecked left-wing ascendancy, Americans at least ought to understand what they will be getting, especially with the media cheering it all on.

Medicare for all. Mr. Obama wants to build a public insurance program, modeled after Medicare and open to everyone of any income. …The Obama plan would shift between 32 million and 52 million from private coverage to the huge new entitlement. Like Medicare or the Canadian system, this would never be repealed.

The commitments would start slow, so as not to cause immediate alarm. But as U.S. health-care spending flowed into the default government options, taxes would have to rise or services would be rationed, or both. Single payer is the inevitable next step, as Mr. Obama has already said is his ultimate ideal.

The business climate. “We have some harsh decisions to make,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned recently, speaking about retribution for the financial panic. …The danger is that Democrats could cause the economic downturn to last longer than it otherwise will by enacting regulatory overkill…

Union supremacy. One program certain to be given right of way is “card check.” Unions have been in decline for decades, now claiming only 7.4% of the private-sector work force, so Big Labor wants to trash the secret-ballot elections that have been in place since the 1930s. … The point is to force businesses to recognize a union whether the workers support it or not.

Taxes. Taxes will rise substantially, the only question being how high. Mr. Obama would raise the top income, dividend and capital-gains rates for “the rich,” substantially increasing the cost of new investment in the U.S. More radically, he wants to lift or eliminate the cap on income subject to payroll taxes that fund Medicare and Social Security…

The green revolution. A tax-and-regulation scheme in the name of climate change is a top left-wing priority. Cap and trade would hand Congress trillions of dollars in new spending… Huge chunks of GDP and millions of jobs would be at the mercy of Congress and a vast new global-warming bureaucracy…

  Free speech and voting rights. A liberal supermajority would move quickly to impose procedural advantages that could cement Democratic rule for years to come. One early effort would be national, election-day voter registration. This is a long-time goal of Acorn and others on the “community organizer” left…Fairness Doctrine is likely to be reimposed either by Congress or the Obama FCC. A major goal of the supermajority left would be to shut down talk radio and other voices of political opposition.

Special-interest potpourri. Look for the watering down of No Child Left Behind testing standards… The tort bar’s ship would also come in… The anti-antiterror lobby would be rewarded with the end of Guantanamo and military commissions, which probably means trying terrorists in civilian courts. Google and would get “net neutrality” rules, subjecting the Internet to intrusive regulation for the first time.

It’s always possible that events — such as a recession — would temper some of these ambitions…

In both 1933 and 1965, liberal majorities imposed vast expansions of government that have never been repealed, and the current financial panic may give today’s left another pretext to return to those heydays of welfare-state liberalism. Americans voting for “change” should know they may get far more than they ever imagined.

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Michelle Obama slams down the race card…

Interesting (and scary) if true.  Read the entire story.

From the African Press International (API) website;

Shocking development:  Mrs Obama decides enough is enough: “My husband was born in Hawaii and adopted by his stepfather, does that make him unpatriot; she asks”, on a direct telephone to API.

Note:  Byron York, from NRO’s The Corner reports:

That Michelle Obama Report   [Byron York]

I’m sure a lot of you have seen references this morning to statements allegedly made by Michelle Obama in an interview with an organization called African Press International.  I just asked the Obama campaign whether Michelle Obama did in fact speak to that organization, and spokesman Tommy Vietor answered:

“The answer is no, it’s not real, the report is made up.  She did not speak to the organization.”

Given the Obama’s history of rewriting their history, take that for what it’s worth. 

Quotes of note:

  • Michelle Obama’s assertion that API was helping “spread rumours created by American bloggers and other racist media outlets
  • Michelle Obama’s hope that “African Media was mature enough to be in the front to give unwavering support to her husband, a man Africans should identify themselves with.
  • Michelle Obama expects: “African press International is supposed to support Africans and African-American view,”
  • Michelle Obama believes that “American white racists are bringing up the issue of my husband’s adoption by His step father.”
  • On the issue of Jerome Corsi’s detainment in Kenya while investigating Obama’s American citizenship, Michelle Obama told API not to dig that which will support evil people who are out to stop her husband from getting the presidency.
  • Michelle Obama said:  “it was unfortunate that Mr Farakhan came out the way he did supporting her husband openly before the elections was over.” That was not wholehearted support but one that was calculated to convince the American people that my husband will support the growth of muslim faith if he became the president, adding “even if my husband was able to prove that he is not a Muslim, he will not be believed by those who have come out strongly to destroy his chances of being the next President. Do real people expect someone to deny a religion when 80 percent of his relatives are Muslims?; Mrs Obama asked.
  • Finally, Michelle Obama promised that a positive story “will earn API an invitation to her husband’s inauguration ceremony.


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Don’t be so selfish…it’s good for everybody – Obama-isms

How much clearer does Obama need to be on his socialist agenda?  He keeps putting it right out there, media does their best to ignore it/edit it and if ever it’s brought up as a legitimate concern, Obama says 1) he didn’t say it or 2) it was misinterpreted.

Here’s the latest evidence that we are becoming France or some other nanny state.  And more evidence that the MSM is not fully and accurately reporting.

This is the way ABC News reported the encounter:

“Do you believe in the American dream?” a local plumber asked.

Obama said he did.

“I’m being taxed more and more for fulfilling the American dream,” the man said, in comments interpreted by reporters as a reference to the Democrat’s proposal to increase income taxes on those making $200,000 or more a year.

Obama recited his now-familiar talking points about 95 percent of the American people would get a tax cut under his plan.

The plumber did not seem convinced.

The video of the event located here proves that there was more to the encounter.  The interaction only lasts about 35 seconds and is at the beginning of the clip.  Please take a look.

The text of the conversation follows:

Man:  Your new tax plan is going to tax me more, isn’t it?

Obama:  It’s not that I want to puunish your success,  I just wanna make sure that everybody who is behind ya, that they’ve got a chance at success too.

I just think that when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.

Any questions?   Clear enough?  This man will not stop at “the rich”.  He’s like the aliens in Independence Day.  He’ll destroy one target, and then move on to the next.

Wake up America!  Yo have to fight for your liberty.

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Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. – Barack Obama

I am the great and powerful Wizard of Oz.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

— the Wizard of Oz

I don’t know how much I believe poll data given their inaccuracy in years past — and it doesn’t help that the main stream media is soooooo Obama obsessed.  But Real Clear politics reports a widening margin for Obama, hereRassmussen (arguably the most reliable poll) has Obama ahead 52% to 45%.

I can’t personally intellectualize the shift.  Thinking about it, I think this may be more of an emotional choice for people.

Obama is young

Obama is attractive

Obama says the things people want to hear

Obama presents himself as a champion for the American middle class

Americans want to show they’ve evolved and will elect a black American president

Obama is the great and powerful wizard!

But look at the men behind the curtain. Look at his life in politics.  Look at the type of people with whom he associates.  If these are his allies, will he really be a friend to you?  Are your interests his interests?  Are his values your values?  Does he envision the same America that you do?  Who are the we that he talks about in the opening quote?

The men behind the curtain:

Jeremiah Wright – Everyone has seen the videos of Reverend Wright spewing his vile rhetoric.  If you missed it, here’s a sample; a sermon given at his church just days after the 9/11/2001 attacks:

The Reverend Michael Flegar, a catholic priest:

William Ayers, a co-worker, co-board member and neighbor of Obama’s oh, and domestic terrorist:

Acorn – a community organizing operation for whom Obama worked – by providing training and legal representation.  Implicated in numerous cases of voter fraud and complicit in the current credit crisis:

Louis Farrakhan, Supreme Minister of the Nation of Islam as the National Representative of Elijah Muhammad:

INDOCTRINATION?  The rising of a new Hitler Youth?

The Obama brainwashing – aka Stepford Children

The Obama Youth

Is Obama your idea of a messiah?  Do you think he has the same ideas of  America that most Americans do?  If these are the sentiments of his friends, doesn’t it follow that he shares those feelings?

Why has Obama tried to stifle free speech with lawsuits and policy support (here)?  Why is he asking lawmakers to join his “truth squad” designed to suppress free speech – and is that what you are expecting from your police force?

Are these the people Obama maintains we’ve been waiting for?

This man’s motives, associations and judgements are questionable.  Isn’t that too big of a risk to take with your future?



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