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The bailout bill – more of your money to the greedy feds

I’ve been watching and listening everybody talk about this bailout of AIG, et. al.

I have a feeling that if there is no bailout, it will be bad.

I have a feeling that if there is a bailout, it will be bad.

But the fact that the bill almost immediately started down the pork barrel road, and, according to Michelle Malkin’s column today (here) it will also include student loans and car loans.  Additionally, Malkin details the amount of bad debt that is attributed to illegal immigrants.

Speculation about how much it will cost per household varies – I’ve seen anywhere from $6,000 to $15,000 per household.  That’s a lot of money, and it will only grow as the number of pork gets heaped on top of it.  But stop and think a moment.  There is a large majority of significant number of households who pay no tax whatsoever.  That means that their $10,000 share of the bailout is redistributed to those who do.  What’s the actual cost going to be for you?  For me?  Will this albatross end up ensuring that I am one of those who can’t afford my mortgage payment or car payment?

We need to let our leadership know that if they insist on including pork and extraneous issues in this bailout, I say Kill the Bill.  If we are expected to pay for the irresponsibility of people who ran their credit cards up, bought too expensive of a home or car, or who don’t want to pay for student loans they’ve taken, I say Kill the Bill.  If part of this package includes assistance to foreign countries or illegal immigrants (or the companies to took a risk on them, I say Kill this Bill.

If this package includes the socialist’s pitons that seem to be the cornerstone of the Democrat party these days (limiting anyone’s salary is not the government’s job!), I say Kill the Bill.

To our “leaders”, start leading.  Stop politicking.  And know that we will be watching.  I suggest you consider the enormous impact this bill will have on the American taxpayer.  I hope you remember just how much when you considering giving yourselves a raise in the middle of the night.

To President Bush.  You said you would veto this bill if it included pork and special interest spending….I hope you do.


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