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To My Representatives Re: Cap and Trade

Here is a copy of the email I sent to my representatives yesterday via Visible Vote:


My name is {insert name}. You are my elected representative.  As you know, Ohio has some the of the highest corporate, income and personal taxes as well as unemployment and utilities rates in the nation. 

The cost of living continues to increase, however my salary cannot keep up the pace. 

Yet Congress continues to spend.  It spends my money under the assumption that I am working for YOU. 

We’ve been forced to alter our lifestyle but Congress refuses to alter their spending. 

I cannot afford to continue to subsidize those who will not pull their own weight and I cannot afford to finance every Congressional whim. 

ENOUGH.  Vote NO on cap and trade.  Do not lay another spending bill at my door.  Keep your hands out of my pocket. Stop enslaving this country. We cannot afford this out-of-control government you are forcing down our throats.


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Just say No!

We’ve been going over our budget here recently. The realization that our incomes will be going down (due to any number of Obama stimulus related initiatives) and that the economy around here is so poor there’s a possibility that at least one of us may lose our job necessitates strict scrutiny of our expenses.

We’ve modified our behavior over the last several months – left-overs are required to be eaten, trips to the grocery store are focused on items on the list, we changed our phone carrier and modified our cable television plan. There’s more we can do, and will, that will be annoying; there is more we can do, and will, that will be painful.

So here we are. Regular citizens with full time jobs, a mortgage to pay, responsibilities to meet. The cost to us is rising – more fees, higher taxes, increased prices on goods is coming (especially with the lunacy of cap & trade) and we are having to tighten our belts along the way.

Personal responsibility is an inherent part of personal freedom. You cannot have one without the other…

Unless you’re in government.

A quick look at the stimulus plan shows that my state of Ohio has put dibs on $4,233,069,611 of stimulus dollars. That four billion. With a ‘B’.

And it’s for stuff like a $3 millon bike path in Columbus and $40,000 tennis courts in Cincinnati.

My little town has no stimulus requests in, but the urban center near me (Toledo) has $395,089,391 (that’s million) of requests in. $600,000 worth of bridge painting, $26,400,000 for public housing modernization, $4,500,000 for wheelchair ramps, $2.5 million for arena/stadium pedestrian malls.

While the value of these projects can be debated (I guess), the fact remains: the government cannot say no. The government thinks that your money, is their money. They are just letting you keep some of it and when they want it back, they come for it, regardless of it’s impact on you.

It’s time for the government to say no. It’s time for them to realize that they need to make the ‘sacrifices’ that they are continuing to tell us that we must make for the greater good.  But not them.  How difficult is it for us to say “Well, I’d like a new car but the old one is still running.   Times are unstable and I’ll just have to put that new car (or TV or vacation or whatever) is going to have to wait.”  We don’t like it, but it’s part of our personal responsibility.

What government official is saying, “Well, that bridge needs to be painted, but it can wait.  I don’t want to add any more money to the federal budget than is absolutely necessary.”

It just doesn’t happen.

They are selling you, your future, and future generations down the river.  And they don’t bat an eye.  They want what they want – regardless of its’ impact on you or the country.

Tell your elected representatives – local, state and federal that it’s time for them to make sacrifices for the ‘greater good’.   Tell them you are doing you’re part and you have little left.  Tell them it’s time for them to do their part. Tell them they are required to take personal responsibility too.

By the way, the only state not to request stimulus funds?  New Hampshire, the Live Free or Die state.  No wonder there is a movement afoot to get people to move their.

Stimulus Watch

Free State Project

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Tax Day Tea Party

Tax Day Tea Party

Tax Day Tea Party

Organizing is in progress for nationwide tea parties on April 15, 2009.  Shamefully, there are none scheduled for Ohio, which, if you have read about Governor Strickland’s proposed budget, NEEDS to have one!

See the website info here.  Michelle Malkin comments here.

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Truth about taxes…room for the middle class at the poor house

From the New York Post today OBAMA TELLS THE TAX TRUTH (below):

Original source story here.  Emphasis in red is mine.

By the way, as regards the checks from Washington sited below – where I live, that’s called welfare.  I am insulted to think that anyone wants to suggest I can’t make it without government welfare.  I am appalled to realize that Obama will tax me to the point that I would qualify for welfare. 

As has been the case for most tax cuts/deductions/incentives from any candidate that has come along in recent years, I don’t qualify for any of ’em.   I don’t have children, so the dependents, child care, college tax cuts don’t go to me.  I don’t fall into that married category so the marriage tax benefits don’t apply to me.  I don’t have enough money to be able to invest and receive capital gains – so that’s out.  I just keep getting taxed more at the local, state and federal level.   I pay to educate other people’s children.  I pay to fund art museums and symphonies I don’t go to.  I pay for parks I don’t visit.  I pay for other people’s mortgages.  I pay for other people’s defaulted loans and credit cards.  I pay to support causes and countries that I am diametrically opposed to and, in some cases, find offensive.

I can’t invest in my own retirement because I am paying for someone else’s.  I pay for someone else’s food, even if it means I have to cut back on my own groceries.

I pay for AIGs spa retreats, even though I can’t afford to go on vacation.

Obama is going to make sure he taxes me into the welfare state.  This is not the America most of us thought we would be living in.



October 15, 2008

An unscripted moment with an Ohio plumber produced a startling confession from Barack Obama Sunday: The Democrat’s “middle-class tax cut” is in fact a scheme to “spread the wealth around.”

Obama dropped the mask long enough to tell the truth to Toledo plumber Joe Wurzelbacher – who had asked the Democratic nominee why he wanted to jack up his taxes just for “fulfilling the American dream.”

“I’m getting ready to buy a company that makes $250,000 to $280,000 a year,” Wurzelbacher had told Obama. “Your new tax plan is going to tax me more, isn’t it?”

“It’s not that I want to punish your success,” Obama replied. “I just want to make sure that everybody who is behind you, that they’ve got a chance for success, too . . . When you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

At last! The truth outs!

Obama’s plan isn’t about sinking hooks into Wall Street CEOs and other fat cats, as he usually says. Fact is, there’s not enough of them to raise the cash necessary to finance his other grand plans.

No, to do that, he’ll have to go after ambitious working-class guys like Wurzelbacher – who’s been a plumber for 15 years and is looking to better himself and his family while just maybe creating a few jobs.

The American Dream?

Wurzelbacher personifies it – but Barack Obama seems determined to tax it to death and be done with it, period.

That’s been the case all along, of course. What’s different is that the Democrat finally said so.

Heretofore, Obama has sought to paint himself as a tax-cutter claiming he’ll slash taxes for 95 percent of Americans.

As we noted yesterday, that’s a flat-out lie – not least because nearly half of all tax filers pay no income tax at all. So how can he “cut” their taxes if they don’t pay any to begin with?

Answer: tax “credits.”

To wit, in part:

* A $1,000 “make work pay” credit.

* A $4,000 college-tuition credit.

* A $6,000 child-care credit.

* A $1,100 bump in the earned-income tax credit.

These aren’t to be income-tax deductions – which would be worthless to those who pay no income taxes.

These are to be checks from Washington – with the subsidies expected to grow to more than $1 trillion in 10 years.

That’s a massive transfer of wealth.

How does Obama justify it?

“Fairness,” he says.

But that’s an absurdly radical view of what’s “fair.”

Remember, Obama’s tax hikes target folks who already bear the brunt of the burden: The top 20 percent of earners already pay 69 percent of all federal taxes – and 88 percent of income taxes.

(Contrast that with John McCain’s call yesterday for real tax cuts – halving the capital-gains levy, scrapping taxes on unemployment benefits altogether – designed to prime the economic pump.)

Monday, Obama promised a tax policy that would restore “a sense of fairness and balance that will give every American a fair shot at the American dream.”

But just a day before, he told Joe Wurzelbacher the truth: No American dream for you, buddy!

Nor anybody else, it seems.

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